• Christina Alexandria

Creative Director In-Training

After years in this creative game, I have finally figured out what I love to do: conceptualization and collaboration. Therefore, the perfect space for me: Creative Director.

Now, I've only completed one project (and I didn't get paid for it) but it was the most joy I've ever felt on this journey. I've been a photographer, web designer, social media manager, videographer, graphic see where I am going with this. I am a visual artist through and through. However, I only like the creating part.

I do not like the non-fun parts of those positions. Well, for clients. I love putting my own content together. Their content:

I would procrastinate on projects and the gleam of light would die the moment I had to sit in front of a computer to edit. I was getting paid for it, so I would ultimately deliver, but I didn't like it. It took me 2 years to find my calling but it was clear as day when I finally put a title to it in June 2020, Creative Director. I LOVE THE SOUND OF THAT. And after putting together my This is 30/African Candy project and releasing it in August, I knew I was born to do it.

But like all things, this is a process and I am not immune to sharing. This blog will highlight my road to Creative Directing. I do not know what to expect, but I am excited be on this journey. I am born to create. And I can't wait to see where my wicked genius will take me.

Welcome to the tribe.

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Social media. FUN FACT: I started this journey 3 years ago as a social media manager for hire. I figured out that I like creating just as much, if not more, than formally educating. 

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christina alexndria

Conceptualizing ideas for brands, products, and fellow artists brings me so much joy. Working alongisde fellow black creatives to execute a vision, is my purpose. And because of that, I've made it my business to collaborate and build with other black creatives for brand campaigns, artists, etc.