• Christina Alexandria

Hey Girl Hey!

What's up, its ya girl, Christina Alexandria. Over the past 5 or so years, I have been online on your lap or in your hands with some form of content. I started with my first hair blog and spent time curating content around my 4C tresses. It didn't last long. Then I moved into self-help/personal development for a while. That website picked up so much traction that I eventually converted it into my current IGTV show "The Creed". I dropped the website, which in hindsight wasn't smart, and focused all my energy on Instagram content.

It wasn't until I discovered Mattie James, my fairy godfluencer, that I learned how to create a cohesive story. You see, I am a multi-talented woman: writer, photographer, creative director, videographer, muse, and graphic designer. I did it all. But, I was having a hard time servicing the community I built online.

So you know what I did when the world shutdown, I took a step back and became a student. I watched all her lives, signed up for her email list, and downloaded all the booklets she had available. I wanted to be sure when things were launched, you would have what you need. And so now we are here. A blog AND you will still get Instagram content. I mean, it is my favorite social media platform.

What should you expect from this blog? Excellent question. If you're here because you love all things wellness, fashion, R&B, and Black Girl Magic; this is the site for you. We'll talk about the power of manifestation and the work associated with it. Learn new forms of self-care and wellness. Curate vibes of healing and self-love.

Celebrate life.

Live in joy.


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