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W.A.P: Defining Wellness

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Yes -

Yes, I did create a wellness acronym for W.A.P and very proud of it. Was it necessary? Probably not. Are you gonna remember by association? You ABSOLUTELY will.

W - Wellness is a choice.

A - Active pursuit of lifestyle & activities

P - Purposeful & Intentional

It is a simple concept. However, we make this distinction due to the fact that wellness is often times misunderstood to mean "well-being". The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. Understand that wellness is not a state of being, but rather, the steps to be.

It is about what you do every day. Big or small.

For example: You want to be happy; so you twerk in the mirror because it brings you joy. The act of twerking (wellness: intentional choice/activity) contributes to being happy (state of holistic health). Side note: shoutout to the all the Black Women doing the #bussitdownchallenge! I am loving every minute of it #freethecheeks #blackwomenhealdifferent.

Or: You want to feel less stressed, so you meditate for 5 mins because it brings you calm. The act of meditation (wellness: intentional choice/activity) contributes to being calm (state of being).

There are 6-12 ways or stages of how we prioritize wellness. However, to keep things simple you'll see my discuss the new classic, 8 stages of Wellness (I used to only know 5).

New Classic









Depending on the state of being we seek (be happy, healthy, wealthy, etc.), you'll either choose one or multiple activities within multiple stages. Meaning, they work together to great a holistic state of being. In my previous examples: twerking would be just a physical act to some. To others, it is a physical, spiritual, social, environmental and emotional practice. Same could be said for meditation.

Wellness a simple concept, but intricate practice. So when you are thinking of ways to elevate your way of being, remember WAP.

Be Well

Spread Light

Die Empty

Christina Alexandria

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